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Founders of JESICE.COM, think that fashion is "not just about how you look", but "how you LIVE your life."  We're sure you all have experienced a day where you wore an outfit that you bought over the weekend and that you were already very proud of, and everyone started complimenting on your attire and you felt very good about it, too.  But that was not it, right?  Everything else also went smoothly and you had a very efficient day at work.  Your day just couldn't be better.  But from time to time, there are also days where you thought your top and pants did not match appropriately and it constantly bothered you throughout the day.  Our point is, depending on what you wear and how satisfied you are with what you're wearing, your day can be joyous or gloomy, your work day can be productive or horrible.  Yes, fashion does matter!  It does affect your days and it plays a very important role in your life.  

At JESICE.COM, we have a team of very capable and friendly individuals who are ready and eager to help our customers live a happy and pleasing life by providing them with the most trendy, and yet lovely clothing, jewelries, and other fashion-related accessories that actually fit them, and that actually look fabulous on them, at very reasonable and affordable prices.

We want all of our customers to live a successful and meaningful life, and our team at JESICE.COM would like to play a part in it.  Our tagline, "JESICE.COM for your lovely & lucky day," means nothing much.  We just hope that your days would turn out lovely and lucky when wearing our products.

We have been in the wholesale fashion business for about ten years now and we are very well established and satisfied with our accomplishments; however, in a way, wholesale is just selling goods in large quantities.  We now have started JESICE.COM with a hope to build relationships with the real buyers, the real consumers.  We have a vision to turn this retail online store into an one-stop shopping center where our customers can easily purchase any fashion-related products for their lovely and lucky days.  We are located very close to the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles, and we promise to work hard to consistently update our merchandises for our customers.

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